Why Woodbury?

At Woodbury Technologies, we have a win-win-win philosophy for our clients, employees, and company. This means we have the best employees for our clients, and the best Employee/Client Management team, which ensures the success of the company: win-win-win.

Our success is based on our background and depth in a wide range of information technology (IT) fields; our ability to recruit and retain DoD 8570.01-M compliant technical experts; and our principle-based and service-oriented approach. Our personnel have the education, experience, and work ethic to provide the best available support as well as sound and proven technical solutions.

Communication is key to our success.  We welcome communication and ideas from our employees and offer opportunities to grow within our company. With open communication, we ensure that we are meeting/exceeding the needs of the client; responding to contract needs in a timely manner; and that our employees are supported and motivated.

It’s our goal to ensure that every employee is dedicated to our client’s success, and to ensure that the employee feels trusted and valued for the innovation they bring to our clients. Through our partnership with the government, employees and our company, WT provides:

  • Standards-Based Performance
  • Empowered & Accountable Site Leaders
  • Engaged Corporate Executives
  • Effective Quality Assurance
  • Competitive Benefits
  • Professional Growth Opportunities
  • Engaged Corporate Staff & Technical Reach Back
  • Proven Quality Control Methods
  • Superior Performance Evaluations
  • Continued Business Growth
  • Expanding Service Lines

Our company and staff are principle-centered. We look for teaming partners with the same high ideals and integrity in business. Our employees are valued and provided with the best benefits possible. We attract and retain top-notch individuals.

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