Section 508

Section 508 refers to a portion of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. 794d) that requires Federal agencies to meet specific accessibility standards when buying, developing, maintaining, or using information technology. This law was enacted to eliminate barriers in the provision of electronic information for people with disabilities and to encourage development of technologies that will help achieve these goals.

The accessibility standards associated with Section 508 are designed to ensure that electronically delivered information is available to as many people as possible. The practical application of this goal most frequently applies to information that is presented to the general public, consumers of software-based services, and end-users of software-based services via Intranet or Internet. Software components provided strictly for background operation, back-end connectivity, system monitoring, and other behind-the-scenes usage generally do not apply to the accessibility standards.

Woodbury Technologies, Inc. (WT) is covered under the below sections of Section 508 and is fully compliant with the guidelines set forth in Section 508.

  • 1194.21 – Software Applications and Operating Systems
  • 1194.22 – Web Based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications
  • 1194.41 – Information, Documentation and Support
  • 1194.31 – Functional Performance Criteria

All of WT’s features are accessible to persons with disabilities through WT’s command line interface and plain text output options. In addition, WT is interoperable with common assistive technologies for vision-impaired users.

WT satisfies Section 508 accessibility requirements by implementing the following plan:

  • Provide full disclosure of the Section 508 compliant status of our products/services in conformance with applicable accessibility legislation
  • Design our software products to promote maximum accessibility by the widest range of users as a fundamental component of feature functionality
  • Continually test and evaluate our software products against the accessibility standards set forth in implementing regulations
  • Ensure that we develop and maintain applications in conformance with accessibility standards when performing services for customers who are subject to the provisions of Section 508

The official government web site for Section 508 information 

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