Tamara Tran, President & COO

Tamara Tran


Tamara began her professional career in 1990 working as a mortgage loan processor for First Security Bank while attending BYU. At FSB she specialized in FHA new residential construction loans, learning the ins and outs of federal lending regulations and banking compliance. Her work in mortgage and residential development led to a successful career as a senior commercial loan officer specializing in multi-million-dollar development lending. She worked for Richards Woodbury and pioneered their in-house pilot lending program, Wardley Financial. Along the way she decided to learn about escrow and title in order to fully understand the real estate and lending industry. She worked for Realty Title managing their Davis County office and served as an escrow agent. Her lending and title experience was key preparation for her ownership of Woodbury Technologies.

In 1991 Tamara reapplied for “sponsorship” of her husband Ly’s immediate family members living in their native Vietnam. This time the applications were approved and she and her husband of one year sponsored the immigration of all seven of his immediate family to the United States, where they continue to reside as naturalized U.S. citizens. Tamara cofounded Rylex with her husband Ly in 2004 after he came to her with an “idea and a dream.” She embraced this new challenge of creating a company from nothing by writing articles of organization, creating bylaws, licensing, and filing. She immersed herself in research and began learning everything possible about the success and management of a profitable business.

In 2007 she wrote and submitted the application for the SBA 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business Program. In 2008 she created the proposal for a GSA schedule 70 contract, which is ongoing. In 2012 Tamara wrote and created a joint venture with their JV partner, which has been approved by the SBA.

As with all small-business owners, Tamara continues to wear multiple hats at Woodbury Technologies, where she has been the proposal writer/manager, project manager, HR manager, business developer, compliance officer, the entire accounting department, and much more. Today her primary roles are president/COO and facility security/compliance officer. Her management style is to hire skilled professionals and then stand down, giving them the freedom to do what they do best. Her confidence in others’ abilities allows them the flexibility to explore solutions and create the outstanding results that customers and employees expect from Woodbury Technologies.

Tamara believes the key to success in life is rooted in gratitude. Her commitment to “leave every person and situation in better shape than she found them” is echoed by the Woodbury Technology project managers and team leads and evident by their excellent examples and service to their customers and fellow employees. She is active within several professional organizations and enjoys mentoring other women. She has taught kickboxing, martial arts, and multiple youth fitness programs. She is a second-degree black belt in Shin-Toshi, Moo Duk Kwan. She and Ly have two children, Ryan and Alexa.

Ly Tran, CEO

Ly Tran


Prior to co-founding Rylex and purchasing Woodbury Technologies, Ly spent the previous 18 years in computer and office supply sales. He developed a reputation during these many years as a hero, often “saving the day” with his personal service. He is a master at building and maintaining relationships, and is well known for his integrity and dedication.

Ly’s life epitomizes the classic, inspiring American immigrant story. He escaped his native country, Vietnam, in the early 1970s. He was a child refugee, commonly referred to as a “boat person,” who was lucky enough to obtain passage on a Panamanian cargo ship as it traveled through Malaysia. As a 12-year-old alone in a foreign country, Ly survived by working hard, staying true to his word, and sharing his enthusiasm for life and his love for those around him. These values are deeply rooted in his management style and evident in Woodbury Technologies’ corporate environment.

Ly is a true American patriot—proud to the core, grateful for his American citizenship, and committed to his role as a quality provider of goods and services that support the Department of Defense and the federal government. Ly actively participates with the Boy Scouts of America and with his church and community, where he is often found helping neighbors and friends with various projects. He is an avid racquetball player, an occasional golfer, and loyal sports enthusiast.

Jenny Bringslid


Jenny Bringslid has more than 20 years of experience as a business development professional. Spending the majority of her career in the defense industry, Jenny has a proven track record of revenue-generating contract awards. Her efforts have consistently resulted in high probability of win opportunity pursuits and winning proposals. Jenny’s background is in building, managing and leading successful business development teams in pursuing large and small technical, logistical, medical and engineering contracts.

Dean Shiba


Dean Shiba is retired from the Federal Government with over 30 years of service. His last assignment was as the Air Force’s Integrated Missile database (IMDB) Program Manager. He successfully managed and sustained the IMDB, the primary weapon system assessment tool for the ICBM System Program Office, for over 16 years.

He also served as an ICBM Desktop/Server Team Program Manager, Hardware /Software Acquisition Specialist, Air Munitions Database Administrator, and ICBM Production Manager. Dean has extensive experience in Information Technology Program/Project management specializing in Air Force Weapons System Assessment databases and in IT hardware/software acquisition deployment and disposition and Government contracting source selection.

He successfully managed an IT desktop/server team supporting up to 200 users for over seven years with a consistent 95% satisfaction rating. Additionally, he successfully acted as the technical team leader for the acquisition of three multi-million dollar Air Force Source Selections.

As Woodbury’s Business Development Manager, he is responsible for providing subject matter expertise and proposal support to Woodbury’s Proposal Process.  In this capacity he develops proposal responses, compiles information for proposal input, and ensures that key messages are accurately communicated. He also develops business relationships in Utah and other locations.

Dean has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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